CEHD Projects Funded during past 5 Years by
Department of Defense-National Security Agency (Federal)

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Kuo, Li-Jen (TLAC) Grant dates: 2018-04-12—2019-03-31
STARTALK Student Program
Irby, Beverly (EAHR) Grant dates: 2018-03-01—2019-02-28
Teach the Teacher: GenCyber Summer Camps
Irby, Beverly (EAHR) Grant dates: 2017-03-28—2018-02-27
Teach the Teacher: Summer Camps for Educational Service Regions 4 and 6 of the State of Texas
Jones, Robert (EAHR) Grant dates: 2017-03-01—2018-02-28
Course Capacity Building for the Texas Cyber Range
Jones, Robert (EAHR) Grant dates: 2016-09-01—2017-08-31
Engaging the Future: Human Capital and Capacity Building in Cybersecurity
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