CEHD Projects Funded during past 5 Years by
Department of Health and Human Services (Federal)

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Garney, Whitney (HLKN) Grant dates: 2018-09-01—2021-08-31
Enhancing Patients Access to Telehealth by Engaging Rural Networks (e-PATTERN)
ZHANG, DALUN (EPSY) Grant dates: 2016-09-01—2017-12-31
Leadership Training for Diversity at the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University
STOUGH, LAURA (EPSY) Grant dates: 2015-09-30—2016-12-31
Leadership Training for Diversity
WILSON, KELLY (HLKN) Grant dates: 2015-09-30—2020-09-29
Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program - Juntos Podemos! (Together We Can!)
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