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Larry Kelly
Clinical Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Office#: 320 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (979) 834-8384
Other Title: Director Graduate Certification Program
Primary Emphasis Area: Science Education and Technology
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Office Hours
Monday     8:00-10:00
Wednesday     12:00-2:00
Research Interests
History of Secondary Education
Needs of Special Populations
Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification
Secondary Science Education
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Weber, N. D., Waxman, H. C., Brown, D. B., & Kelly, L. J. (2016). Classroom instruction differences between first-year teaching interns and experienced classroom teachers. Teacher Education Quarterly, 43(1), 91-106.

2. Moore, B. L., LeCompte, K. N., and L. J. Kelly. (2012)."Challenge and conflict to educate," American Educational History Journal, 39: 483-501 *

3. Liew, J., Chang, Y. Kelly, L., and Yalvac, B. (2010). Self-regulated and social emotional learning in the multitasking generation. In Sahhuseyinoglu, D. and Dzintra, I. (Eds.), How Do Children Learn Best? (pp. 62-70). Ankara: Children's Research Center *

4. Kelly, Larry J., & Huie, Allison M. (2009) From Laddie Pencils and Big Chief Tablets to Blogs and Wiki’s. Journal of Curriculum History, 11-18 *

5. Kelly, L.J., and LeCompte, K. (2003) The early development of science and mathematics standards in Texas. American Educational History Journal, 30(1), 107-113.

6. Kelly, Larry J., LeCompte, Karon, and O.L. Davis Jr. (2000). Seeking standards: Mathematics and science curricula for early 20th century Texas high schools. Curriculum History.

* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

College of Education and Human Development Grants and Contracts (Current)

Strengthening Mathematics Teaching for Elementary and Middle School High Need Schools. (Co-I)
National Science Foundation (Federal)
2019/08/01 - 2024/07/31
Total Funding: 1,191,842.
Editorial Positions

Associate Editor (2013 - ). Curriculum History

Editorial Board Member (2003 - 2004). American Educational History Journal

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