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Marlon James
Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Office#: 346 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (832) 952-7322
Other Title: Assoc. Dir., Center for Urban School Partnerships
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Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. *Col[243][243]n, I., James, M.C., Chowdhury, M., Rector-Aranda, A., & Burgess, M. (In Press, 2019). In Search of Confianza: A qualitative analysis of Salvadoran parents[48]19 experiences in U.S. urban schools. International Journal of Multicultural Education. (In Press)

2. Moon, C., Zhang, S., Larke, P., & James, M.C. (In Press, 2019). We Are Not All the Same: A qualitative analysis of the nuanced differences between Chinese and South Korean international graduate students experiences in the United States. Journal of International Students (In Press)

3. *Butterfield, V., James, M.C., & Swinton, A., (2017). Demystifying Culture and Applications for English Language Learners. In K. C. Bryan & M. Vásquez Neshyba (Eds.), ESL Methods for Achievement and Equity. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. *

4. *James, M.C., Butterfield, V., Jones, K., & Mokuria, V.G. (2017). Opportunity for All: An Analysis of Equity in Advanced Placement Programming in a US High School. International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences, 4(1), 15-21. Retrieved from

5. *James, M.C., & Mokuria, V.G. (2017). Resisting total marginality: Understanding African American college students' academic success and racial identity development at a predominantly White University. Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science, 5(7), 75-86. Retrieved from

6. *James, M.C., Ferguson, K., Harmon, W.C., & Jones, K. (2017). We’re Not Misbehaving: Cultivating the Spirit of Defiance in Black Male Students. In N. Carter & M. Vavrus (Eds.), Intersectionalities of Race, Class, and Gender with Teaching and Teacher Education: Movement Toward Equity in Education. Sense Publication.

7. Blake, J.J., Gregory, A., James, M.C., & Webb-Hasan, G. (2016). Early Warning Signs: Identifying Opportunities to Disrupt Racial Inequities in School Discipline Through Data-Based Decision Making. School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice, 10(3), 289-306.

8. James, M.C., Rupley, W.H., Hall, K. K., Nichols, J.A., Raskinski, T.V., & Harmon, W.C. (2016). Reform Stall: An Ecological Analysis of the Efficacy of an Urban School Reform Initiative to Improve Students[48]19 Reading and Mathematics Achievement. Cogent Education, 3(1), 1245089.

9. James, M.C., Hall, K. K., Liles, V., Williams, T. L., & Marrero, S. M. (2016). Total Marginality: Cumulative marginality among African American students at a predominantly White institution. Journal of Multicultural Affairs, 1(1), 1-31.

10. James, M.C., Nichols, J.A., Nichols, W.D., Rupley, W.H., Franks, A., Raskinski, T.V., & Paige, D.D. (2016). Tracking Exposed: The potential for undermining urban high school students[48]19 academic success through course placement practices. IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education, 6(3), 173-180. DOI: 10.9790/7388-060304173180

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

College of Education and Human Development Grants and Contracts (Current)

aggieTERM. (Co-PI)
Texas Education Agency (State)
2019/01/01 - 2020/06/30
Total Funding: 220,000.
Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Kristin Kistner Hall (Summer, 2016), Ph.D.
Amanda St.Clair Otten (Fall, 2016), Ph.D.
Mary Anne Figuero Charles (Summer, 2017), Ph.D.
Rasheedah Muhammad Farooq (Fall, 2017), Ph.D.
Rebecca Anne Neill (Fall, 2017), Ph.D.
Kimberly Gibson-McClain (Fall, 2019), Ph.D.
Professional Leadership/Service (State)

(2014). Texas Summit Series on Race and Equity in TX schoo.  Chair

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