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Office Phone: (979) 845-8384
Other Title: Coordinator of PhD Program BIESL ED/EPSY
Primary Emphasis Area: Bilingual and English as a Second Language Education
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Short Bio
Dr. Eslami has more than 20 years experience in ESL/EFL teacher education both in the USA and overseas. She has publications in the area of ESL teacher education, content area literacy for ELLs, reading in a 2nd language, Intercultural and Instructional Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication.
Research Interests
Developmental Pragmatics
ESL/EFL Teacher Education
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Pragmatics
Sociocultural aspects of Second Language Acquisition
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Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Graham, K. M.,Elsheikh, A. & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Reflections on the Mobilities, Immobilities, Inequalities, and Traveling Ideas in Qatar. The Journal of Asia TEFL. Brief Reports section of the Asia TEFL

2. Eslami, Z. R., Graham, K. M., & Bashir, H. (2020). Higher Education in Qatar: amulti-dimensional analysis using the road-mapping framework In S. Dimova & J. Kling (Eds.), Integrating content and language in multilingual universities. (pp. 155-129). Springer.

3. Graham, K. M., & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Translanguaging as an act of ethical caring inthe English Medium Instruction classroom. In C. C. Lin & C. Zaccarini (Eds.), Internationalization in Action: Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in Globalized Classrooms (pp. 9-27). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

4. Ribeiro, A., Eslami, Z. R., & Jiang, W. (2019). Corrective feedback in second languageface-to-face versus computer-mediated interactions. Language Teaching Research Quarterly, 9, 14-30.

5. Graham, K. M. & Eslami, Z. R. (2020). Does the Simple View of Writing. Explain L2 Writing Development?: A Meta-Analysis, Reading Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/02702711.2020.1768989

6. Eslami Z. R., Hill-Jackson, V., Asadi, L. & Kurtes, S. (2019). Telecollaboration amongQatari and U.S. Undergraduates in a Multicultural Course: Opportunities and Obstacles. In H. Reinders, D. Tafazoli, A. Littlejohn, & C. Coombe (Eds.). Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783030134129

7. Eslami, Z. R., Moody, S., & Pashmforosh, R. (2019). Educating Pre-Service Teachers about World Englishes. TESL EJ, 22 (4)

8. Graham, K. & Eslami, Z. R. (2019). Attitudes toward EMI in East Asia and the Gulf: ASystematic Review. Language Problems and Language Planning. Vol. 43 (1), 8-31. John Benjamins. Impact Factor: 0.393[130](5-year: 0.537)

9. Moody, S., Chowdhury, M. & Eslami, Z.R. (2019). Graduate Students' Perceptions ofTranslanguaging. English Teaching & Learning.43 (1), 85-103. Springer.

10. Hillman, S., Graham, K.M. & Eslami, Z.R. (2019). Teachers' TranslanguagingIdeologies and Practices at an International Branch Campus in Qatar. English Teaching & Learning, 43 (1), 41-63. Springer.

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Diss Publication was from a dissertation
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Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Hee Kyoung (Spring, 2007), Ph.D.
Chia-Ning Liu (Fall, 2007), Ph.D.
Soo jin Ahn (Fall, 2007), Ph.D.
Kent McLeod (Spring, 2008), Ph.D.
Kylah Clark-Goff (Spring, 2008), Ph.D.
Nano Cox (Spring, 2008), Ph.D.
Yeh-Zu Tzou (Summer, 2008), Ph.D.
Burcu Ates (Summer, 2008), Ph.D.
Bethany Plett (Summer, 2008), Ph.D.
Wen-Chun Chen (Summer, 2008), Ph.D.
Wan-Tsai Kung (Summer, 2009), Ph.D.
Alicia Kerr (Spring, 2010), Ph.D.
Jonathan Doll (Spring, 2010), Ph.D.
Shu-Fen Huang (Summer, 2010), Ph.D.
Sharon Bippus (Summer, 2011), Ph.D.
Si Chun Song (Fall, 2013), Ph.D.
Fatma Hasan (Fall, 2015), Ph.D.
Trudy Ann Freer-Alvarez (Spring, 2016), Ph.D.
Angelia Horton Knight (Fall, 2017), Ed.D.
Nasser Jabbari (Fall, 2017), Ph.D.
Wei Jang (Spring, 2018), Ph.D.
Xinyuan Yang (Summer, 2018), Ph.D.
Sarah Elizabeth Baker (Summer, 2018), Ed.D.
Delia Maria Cruz-Fernandez (Summer, 2018), Ed.D.
Randall A. Garver (Summer, 2018), Ph.D.
Angelica Maria ramos Riberio (Fall, 2018), Ph.D.
Jose Luis Zelaya (Fall, 2019), Ph.D.
Sunni Lynn Sonnenburg Winkler (Fall, 2019), Ph.D.
Stephanie Michelle Moody (Summer, 2020), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2015 - ). Lodz Papers in Pragmatics

Editorial Board Member (2015 - ). Reading Psychology

Editorial Board Member (2013 - ). Iranian Journal of Society, Culture and Language

Editorial Board Member (2008 - ). Journal of Linguistics Research

Professional Leadership/Service (International/National)

(2004-2005). Financial officer.  Phi Delta Kappa

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