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Amy Rector-Aranda
Visiting Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Office#: 358 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (979) 845-8384
Primary Emphasis Area: Culture, Curriculum and Instruction
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Dr. Amy Rector-Aranda works in the areas of teacher education, multicultural and urban education, and educational foundations. She earned her PhD in Educational Studies from the University of Cincinnati, with emphases in Educational and Community-Based Action Research, and Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education. Her research has examined student agency, voice, and engagement in an educational online role-play; introducing philosophy for critical consciousness in public high schools; ethical reflection in practitioner and community-based research; and school reform through the lens of critical race theory. Her most recent work studies the applications of critically compassionate intellectualism and relational-cultural theory in teacher education for equity and transformative social justice. She is also currently collaborating with undergraduate students, graduate students, and colleagues on various research in urban, multicultural, and teacher education.
*Gilley, T., & Rector-Aranda, A. (in press). Closing the revolving door: Year-long residency prepares preservice teachers for urban schools. Urban Education Research & Policy Annuals.

Colon, I., James, M., *Chowdhury, M., Rector-Aranda, A., & *Burgess, M. (in press). In search of confianza: A qualitative analysis of Salvadoran parents' experiences in U.S. urban schools. International Journal of Multicultural Education.

Rector-Aranda, A. (2019). Student responses to critically compassionate intellectualism in teacher education for social justice. In A. E. Lopez & E. L. Olan (Eds.), Transformative pedagogies for teacher education: Critical action, agency, and dialogue in teaching and learning contexts (pp. 133[150]151). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Raider-Roth, M. B., Rector-Aranda, A., *Kaiser, T., *Lipinsky Saltarik, L., *Weikel, A., *Wolkenfeld, S., & *Zaidenberg, L. (2019). Shared power, risk-taking, and innovation: Participatory action research in Jewish education. Journal of Jewish Education, 85(2).

Rector-Aranda, A. (2019). The function of freedom: Practitioner action research in emancipatory social justice teacher education. In C. A. Mertler (Ed.), The Wiley handbook of action research in education (pp. 481-496). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Rector-Aranda, A. (2018). Critically compassionate intellectualism in teacher education: The contributions of relational-cultural theory. Journal of Teacher Education (online first).
Rector-Aranda, A., Raider-Roth, M., Glaser, N., & Behrman, M. (2017). "I had to live, breathe, and write my character": Character choice and student engagement in an online role-play simulation. Journal of Jewish Education 83(4), 280-309.

Rector-Aranda, A., & Raider-Roth, M. (2017). Book review of "Why Students Resist Learning: A Practical Model for Understanding and Helping Students". Teachers College Record.

Stitzlein, S. M., & Rector-Aranda, A. (2016). The role of "small publics" in teacher dissent. Educational Theory, 66(1-2), 165-180.

Rector-Aranda, A. (2016). School norms and reforms, critical race theory, and the fairytale of equitable education. Critical Questions in Education, 7(1), 1-16.

Rector-Aranda, A., & Raider-Roth, M. (2015). "I finally felt like I had power": Student agency and voice in an online and classroom-based role-play simulation. Research in Learning Technology, 23(1).

Brydon-Miller, M., Rector-Aranda, A., & Stevens, D. M. (2015). Widening the circle: Ethical reflection in action research and the practice of Structured Ethical Reflection. In H. Bradbury (Ed.), The SAGE handbook of action research (3rd ed.) (pp. 596-607). Thousand Oaks: SAGE publications.

Rector-Aranda, A. (2015). The cake is a lie: A book review of "The Failure of Corporate School Reform". Democracy and Education, 23(1), article 20.

Rector-Aranda, A. (2014). Voice. In D. Coghlan & M. Brydon-Miller (Eds.), The SAGE encyclopedia of action research. London: SAGE Publications.
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Professional Service
Aggie Ally, GLBT safe space provider, 2018-
LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars, faculty mentor, 2018-2019
CEHD Undergraduate Student Research Initiative, faculty mentor, 2018-2019
CEHD Undergraduate Research Experience, faculty mentor, 2018-2019
TAMU Mentoring Up, Rudder H.S., mentor, 2018-2019
TAMU International & Cultural Diversity core course certification, TEFB 273 designee, 2018

Educational Research for Policy and Practice, submission reviewer, 2019-
Action Research Journal, submission reviewer, 2018-
Teaching and Teacher Education, submission reviewer, 2017-
Educational Action Research, submission reviewer, 2017-
Berkeley Review of Education, submission reviewer, 2016-
Democracy & Education, submission reviewer, 2015-

American Educational Research Association - submission reviewer, 2015; session chair, 2018 & 2019; discussant, 2019
Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society - session chair, 2014; submission reviewer, 2018
International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry - session chair, 2017
Ph.D., Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati, 2017
-Educational and Community-Based Action Research
-Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education

M.A., Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati, 2013
-Foundations of Education and Social Change

B.A., Philosophy, Northern Kentucky University, 2012
Honoring Excellence Award, Texas A&M University, Division of Student Affairs, 2019
Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Educational Studies Award, University of Cincinnati, 2017
Outstanding Senior in Philosophy Award, Northern Kentucky University, 2012
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