Professor Emerita, Educational Psychology
Office#: 637E Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4225
Office Phone: (979) 845-8050
Primary Emphasis Area: Special Education
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Research Interests
Curriculum analysis and development
Models and methods of literacy acquisition and development
Prevention and remediation of academic learning problems in students with learning disabilities and at risk for school failure
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Oslund, E. L., Hagan-Burke, S., Simmons, D. C., Clemens, N. H., Simmons, L. E., Taylor, A. B., Kwok, O., & Coyne, M. D. (in press). The predictive validity of curriculum-embedded measures on outcomes of kindergarteners identified as at-risk of reading difficulty. Journal of Learning Disabilities (In Press)

2. Oslund, E. L., Clemens, N. H., Simmons, D. C., Smith, S., & Simmons, L. E. (in press). How vocabulary knowledge of middle-school students from low socioeconomic backgrounds influences comprehension processes and outcomes. Learning and Individual Differences (In Press)

3. Swanson, E., Wanzek, J., McCulley, L., Stillman. S. J., Vaughn, S., Simmons, D. Fogarty, M. & Hairrell, A. (in press). An observation study of reading practices used during middle and high school English language arts and social studies classes. Reading and Writing Quarterly (In Press)

4. Pollard-Durodola, S.D., Gonzalez, J. E., Simmons, D. C., & Simmons, L., (2013 In Press) Accelerating Content Vocabulary via Shared Book Reading. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing (In Press)

5. Oslund, E.L., Simmons, D.C, Hagan-Burke, S., Simmons, L.E., Coyne, M.D., Kwok, O., & Taylor, A. (2015). Can curriculum-embedded measures predict the later reading achievement of kindergarteners at risk of reading disability? Learning Disability Quarterly, 38, 3-14. [5-yr IF: 1.440] *

6. Simmons, D. C., *Kim, M., Kwok, O., Coyne, M. D., Simmons, L. E., Oslund, E., Fogarty, M., Hagan-Burke, S., Little, M. E., & Rawlinson, D. (2015). Examining the effects of linking student performance and progression in a tier 2 kindergarten reading intervention. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48, 255-270

7. Clemens, N. H., Davis, J. L., Simmons, L. E., Oslund, E. L., & Simmons, D. C. (2015). Interpreting secondary students[48]19 performance on a timed, multiple-choice reading comprehension assessment: The prevalence and impact of non-attempted items. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 33, 154-165. doi:10.1177/0734282914547493

8. Clemens, N. H., Oslund, E. L., Simmons, L. E., & Simmons, D. C. (2014). Assessing spelling in kindergarten: Further comparison of scoring metrics and their relation to reading skills. Journal of School Psychology, 52, 49-61. doi:10.1016/j.jsp.2013.12.005

9. Fogarty, M., Oslund, E., Simmons, D., *Davis, J., Simmons, L., *Anderson, L., Clemens, N.H., Vaughn, S., & Roberts, G. (2014). Examining the effectiveness of a multicomponent reading comprehension intervention in middle schools: A focus on treatment fidelity. Educational Psychology Review, 7, 309-330 *

10. Simmons, D. (2014). Instructional engineering principles to frame the future of reading intervention research and practice. Remedial and Special Education. Advanced online publication. doi:10.1177/0741932514555023

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
2014 - 2015
EPSY 691, SPED 685
2013 - 2014
EPSY 691
2012 - 2013
EPSY 691, SPED 619
2011 - 2012
EPSY 691, SPED 619
2010 - 2011
EPSY 691, SPED 683, SPED 685
2009 - 2010
EPSY 690, EPSY 691
2008 - 2009
SPED 630, SPED 685
2007 - 2008
SPED 630, SPED 682, SPED 685
2005 - 2006
EPSY 685
2004 - 2005
SPED 630, SPED 683, SPED 685
Former Doctoral Students
Angela Hairrell (Summer, 2008), Ph.D.
Melissa Fogarty (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Eric Oslund (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Stacey Smith (Spring, 2013), Ph.D.
Leah Anderson (Spring, 2015), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2012 - ). Elementary School Journal

Editorial Board Member (2004 - ). Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Editorial Board Member (2002 - 2012). Journal of Learning Disabilities

Editorial Board Member (2000 - 2012). Journal of Direct Instruction

Editorial Board Member (1997 - 2012). Learning Disabilities Research and Practice

Editorial Board Member (1997 - 2012). Reading and Writing Quarterly

Editorial Board Member (1995 - 2012). Exceptional Children

Editorial Board Member (1992 - ). Learning Disabilities Quarterly

Professional Leadership/Service (International/National)

(2010). AERA's Division C Proposal Submission.  Co- Chair


(2013). CEHD Faculty Mentor Award.  Receipient

(2008). Outstanding Faculty Mentor.  College of Education and Human Development

(2002). Jeanette Fleischner Award.  Awarded by Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children for outstanding contribution to the field of learning disabilities.

(1998). NASP Award for Best Journal Manuscript.  Published in School Psychology Review, 27, 45-56. Reprinted in Educational and Child Psychology, 27, 56-70.

(1997). Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award for Best Paper.  Published in American Educational Research Journal, 34, 174-206.

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