Professor Emeritus, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Secondary Dept eEducation
Office#: 428C Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (979) 845-5352
Primary Emphasis Area: Science Education and Technology
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Short Bio
Dr. Denton is a professor in Teaching, Learning and Culture and has directed funded projects to integrate technology into classroom instruction and infuse technology into teacher preparation programs.
Area(s) of Emphasis
Cost studies of educational programs
Electronic Materials development for middle school science
Evaluation of Teacher Preparation programs
Instructional Design
Science Education
Research Interests
Technology Integration
Web Based Instructional Materials
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Denton, J. J., Davis, T. J., Capraro, R. M., Smith, B. L., Beason, L., Graham, D., & Strader, R. A. (2009). Examination of applicant profiles for admission into and completion of an online secondary teacher certification program. Educational Technology & Society, 12(1), 214-229.

2. Denton, J., Davis, T., Capraro, R., Smith, B., Beason, L., Graham, D., & Strader, A. (2009). Examining applicants for admission and completion of an online teacher certification program. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 12(1), 214-219.

3. Denton, J., Davis, T., Smith, B., Beason, L., Graham, D., & Strader, A. (2008). Assessment benchmarks for an alternative certification program. Journal of the National Association for Alternative Certification

4. Denton, J.J., & Davis, T.J. (2007). Challenges of recruiting candidates with strong academic credentials. School Science and Mathematics Journal, 107(4), 121-122.

5. Denton, J., Davis, T., Smith, B., Strader, A., Clark, F., & Wang, L. (2006). Technology mentor fellowship program: A technology integration professional development model for classroom teachers. National Forum of Teacher Education Journal 16:3.

6. MacLeish, M.Y., Moreno, N.P., Thompson, W.A., Newman, D.J., Gannon, P.J., Smith, R.B., Denton, J.J., James, R.K., Wilson, C., Sognier, M., & Illman, D.L.(2005).Comunicating bioastronautics research to students, families and the nation. ACTA Astronautica. 56, 773-782. Available online at

7. Denton, J.J., Davis, T.J., Smith, B.L., Strader, R.A., Clark, F.E., & Wang, L. (2004-05).Net generation undergraduates as technology mentors for teacher educators. National Forum of Teacher Education Journal 17E;3. Available at:

8. Denton, J., Davis, T., Smith, B., & Strader, A.(2005) The technology mentor fellowship program (TMFP) model for professional development and sustainability of technology infusion initiatives. Texas Journal of Distance Learning [Online serial] 2:2, 69-85. Available online at

9. Denton, J., Davis, T., Strader, A., & Durbin, B. (2003). 2002 Texas Public School Technology Survey. Insight, 17(3), 13-28.

10. MacLeish, M.Y., Moreno, N., Jessup, G., & Denton, J. (2003). Improving science literacy and education through space life sciences. ACTA ASTRONAUTICA.

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
2008 - 2009
EDCI 691
2007 - 2008
EDCI 675, EDCI 691
2006 - 2007
EDCI 485, EDCI 675, EDCI 691, EDCI 689
2005 - 2006
EDCI 675, EDCI 689, EDCI 691
2004 - 2005
EDCI 675, EDCI 689, EDCI 691
2003 - 2004
EDCI 675, EDCI 691
2002 - 2003
EDCI 675
2001 - 2002
 675, EDCI 675
2000 - 2001
EDCI 675, EDCI 684
Former Doctoral Students
Helen Sullivan (Spring, 2008), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2005 - 2006). Texas Journal of Distance Learning

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