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Michael Lemke
Clincial Assistant Professor, Health and Kinesiology
Office#: 314E Blocker
Mail Stop: 4243
Office Phone: (979) 845-2335
Primary Emphasis Area: Health Education
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Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Meissen, G., Brown, K., Lien, A., & Lemke, M. K. (in press). Integrating the 18 Community Psychology practice competencies into doctoral education. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice. (In Press)

2. Lemke, M. K., Apostolopoulos, Y., Hege, A., Wideman, L., & Sonmez, S. (in press). Work, sleep, and cholesterol levels of U.S. long-haul truck drivers. Industrial Health (In Press)

3. • Sönmez, S., Y. Apostolopoulos, M.K. Lemke, Y.C. Hsieh, and W. Karwowski (2017). Complexity of occupational health in the hospitality industry: Dynamic simulation modeling to advance immigrant worker health. International Journal of Hospitality Management.

4. Apostolopoulos, Y., M.K. Lemke, A.E. Barry, and K. Hassmiller Lich (2017). Moving college drinking prevention research forward-Part II: New directions grounded in community-based system dynamics modeling. Addiction, doi:10.1111/add.13953.

5. Apostolopoulos, Y., M.K. Lemke, A.E. Barry, and K. Hassmiller Lich (2017). Moving college drinking prevention research forward-Part I: Introducing a complex systems paradigm. Addiction, doi:10.1111/add.13955.

6. Hsieh, Y.C., S. S[246][246]nmez, Y. Apostolopoulos, and M.K. Lemke (2017). Perceived workplace mistreatment: The case of Latina hotel housekeepers. Work, 56, 55-65.

7. Lemke, M.K., Y. Apostolopoulos, A. Hege, L. Wideman, and S. Sönmez (2017). Work organization, sleep, and metabolic syndrome among long-haul truck drivers. Occupational Medicine, 67, 274-281.

8. Wideman, L., D.J. Oberlin, S. Sonmez, J. Labban, Y. Apostolopoulos, and M.K. Lemke (2016). Obesity indices are predictive of elevated C-reactive protein in long-haul truck drivers. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 59, 665-675.

9. Lemke, M.K., G. Meissen, and Y. Apostolopoulos (2016). Overcoming barriers in unhealthy settings: A phenomenological study of healthy truck drivers. Global Qualitative Nursing Research

10. Lemke, M.K. and Y. Apostolopoulos (2016). Policy, work organization, and sleep health and safety of commercial drivers: Introducing a complex systems paradigm. Journal of Ergonomics 6, 152, doi:10.4172/2165-7556.1000152

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