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Gabriel Rivera
Research Development Officer, Office of the Dean
Secondary Dept CEHD Research and Developement
Office#: 208 HEATON
Mail Stop: 4241
Office Phone: (979) 845-5353
Web Site:
Short Bio
Gabriel (Gabe) Rivera is the Research Development Officer within the Research Office in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at Texas A&M University. He works under the direction of Windy Turner, Assistant Director for Research and Development. Before accepting the position at Texas A&M in October, 2017, Gabe worked at New Mexico State University (NMSU) for almost 15-years in research development. He started his career in 2001 as a proposal manager for NMSU's DoD contracting arm of the university. In 2007, Gabe transferred to a newly established Research Development Office to serve as a proposal manager under the Vice President for Research. During his tenure at NMSU, Gabe supported faculty and staff support from small single PI grants to large mult-disciplinary/institutional/international grants and contracts.

In his capacity as the Research Development Officer, the research development office (RDO) distributes research opportunities, reviews proposals, and assists with the administration of proposals where needed. He provides expertise in areas of:

-proposal management and preparation for all types of applications (single, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, international)
-budget development and justification preparation
-grantsmanship support (proposal graphics development, editing, layout, establishing themes)
-electronic proposal submission through SRS
-human subjects protocol
-subcontract and contract terms & conditions through SRS when needed
-proposal compliance check at the proposal stage and conflict resolution
-proposal development coordination to further college and institutional research priorities
-assists with faculty and staff funding searches at private, local, and global funding opportunities and advise them on trends in research industry which affect organizational and faculty priorities
-assists faculty with addressing sponsor feedback before resubmission

RDO works cooperatively with researchers, the VPR's office, the communications office, the TAMUS SRS and other TAMUS-related offices as needed to accomplish research agreements by TAMUS policy.
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