Professor and Department Head, Educational Psychology
Office#: 704C Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4225
Office Phone: (979) 845-1394
Primary Emphasis Area: Special Education
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Short Bio
Dr. Shanna Hagan-Burke earned her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Oregon and currently serves as Professor and Head of the Department of Educational Psychology. Her research interests include functional analyses of challenging behavior, positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), and early literacy. She has been awarded more than $5.6 million dollars in competitive external grants, serving as the lead PI or Co-PI on eleven external grants awards. Her work investigating relations between academic performance and problem behaviors has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences (2013, 2014) for its contributions to the fields of early reading intervention and early childhood education. She currently directs a doctoral training grant focused on the preparation of scholars with dual expertise in academic and behavioral supports (Project ABS). Dr. Hagan-Burke has 17 years of experience working with state-level behavioral support initiatives (Alabama, Georgia, and Hawaii Departments of Education) and their systemic efforts to meet the needs of students with challenging behaviors. She was a member of the Texas Education Agency's Response to Intervention (RTI) Guidance Committee and served as the lead author developing their RTI framework for social behaviors. Dr. Hagan-Burke has a strong commitment to both undergraduate and graduate teaching and in 2015 she was awarded an Eppright Professorship for undergraduate teaching excellence at Texas A&M University.
Research Interests
Applied Behavior Analysis
Early Reading
Functional Analyses of Problem Behavior
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Gerow, S., Hagan-Burke, S., Rispoli, M., Gregori, E. V., Mason, R., & Ninci, J. (in press). A systematic review of functional communication training for children with ASD. Behavior Modification. (In Press)

2. Neely, L., Rispoli, M., Gerow, S., Hong, E., & Hagan-Burke, S. (in press). Preparing autism spectrum disorder interventionists via telepractice: A systematic review. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. (In Press)

3. Gerow, S., Rispoli, M., Ninci, J., Gregori, E. V., & Hagan-Burke, S. (in press). Teaching parents to implement functional communication training for young children with developmental delay. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education. (In Press)

4. Oslund, E. L., Hagan-Burke, S., Simmons, D. C., Clemens, N. H., Simmons, L. E., Taylor, A, Kwok, O., & Coyne, M. D. (2017). The predictive validity of curriculum-embedded measures on outcomes of kindergarteners identified as at-risk of reading difficulty. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 50, 712[48]13723. [ISI 2016 impact factor: 1.494]

5. Hagan-Burke, S., Soares, D. A., Gonzalez, J. E., Zhu, L., Davis, H. S., Kwok, O., Pollard- Durodola, S. D., Saenz, L. M., Resendez, N. M. (2016). Associations between problem behaviors and vocabulary skills among Hispanic dual-language learners in pre-K. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 36, 91 – 102

6. Davis, H. S., Gonzalez, J. E., Pollard-Durodola, S., Saenz, L. M., Soares, D. A., Resendez, N., Zhu, L., Hagan-Burke, S. (2016). Home literacy beliefs and practices among low income Latino families. Early Child Development and Care, 186, 1152-1172. ISSN: 0300-4430

7. Boles, M. B., Ganz, J. B., Hagan-Burke, S., Gregori, E. V., Neely, L., Mason, R. A., Zhang, D., & Willson, V. (2016). Quality review of single-case studies concerning employment skill interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities. Cadernos de Educac[227][227]o (UFPel), 53, 15-51

8. Oslund, E., Simmons, D., Hagan-Burke, S., Kwok, O., Simmons, L., Taylor, A., & Coyne, M. (2015). Can curriculum-embedded measures predict the later reading achievement of kindergarteners at risk of reading disability? Learning Disability Quarterly, 38, 3-14. [ISI 2014 impact factor: 0.564]

9. Simmons, D. C., *Kim, M., Kwok, O., Coyne, M. D., Simmons, L. E., Oslund, E., Fogarty, M., Hagan-Burke, S., Little, M. E., & Rawlinson, D. (2015). Examining the effects of linking student performance and progression in a tier 2 kindergarten reading intervention. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48, 255-270. [ISI 2013 impact factor: 2.025]

10. Clemens, N.H., Hagan-Burke, S., Lou, W., Cerda, C., Blakely, A., Frosch, J., Gamez-Patience, B.A., & Jones, M. (2015). The predictive validity of a computer-adaptive assessment of kindergarten and first-grade reading skills. School Psychology Review, 44, 76-97. *

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
2018 - 2019
EPSY 691
2017 - 2018
EPSY 485, EPSY 691
2016 - 2017
EPSY 691
2015 - 2016
EPSY 691, SPED 618, SPED 683, SPED 685
2014 - 2015
EPSY 691, SPED 618
2013 - 2014
EPSY 691, SPED 618, SPED 683
2012 - 2013
EPSY 691, SEFB 471, SPED 683, SPED 685
2011 - 2012
EPSY 691, SEFB 471, SPED 618, SPED 683
2010 - 2011
EPSY 690, EPSY 691, SEFB 471
2009 - 2010
EPSY 691, SEFB 471, SPED 683
2008 - 2009
EPSY 690, EPSY 691, SEFB 471
2007 - 2008
SEFB 471, SPED 684
2006 - 2007
SEFB 471, SPED 630, SPED 682
2005 - 2006
SPED 630
Former Doctoral Students
Melissa Fogarty (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Eric Oslund (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Margot Breanne Boles (Fall, 2015), Ph.D.
Stephanie Lynn Gerow (Summer, 2016), Ph.D.
Sharon Renee Hamrick De Marin (Summer, 2016), Ph.D.
Heather Stephens Davis (Fall, 2016), Ph.D.
Mario Lazo Macik (Summer, 2018), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2010 - ). Journal of Special Education

Professional Leadership/Service (State)

(2009). Board Member.  Texas Positive Behvaioural Supports Network


(2016). Outstanding Service Award.  EPSY, TAMU

(2015). Outstanding Teacher Award.  EPSY, TAMU

(2015). Climate Award.  CEHD, TAMU

(2015). Eppright Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching.  Award by TAMU

(2014). Diversity Initaitive Award.  University-Level Diversity Service Award to CEHD's Committee on Diversity Initiative

(2013). Outstanding Educator Award.  CEHD, TAMU

(2008). Researchers’ Network Member.  OSEP Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

(2000). Initial Career Research Award.  Office of Special programs, United States Department of Education

(1998). Outstanding Graduate Student for Clinical Teaching.  College of Education Honors Convocation, University of West Florida

(1998). Dissertation Research Award.  Hamilton Fish National Institute on School and Community Violence, George Washington University

(1998). Graduate Research Award.  Graduate School, University of Oregon

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