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Office#: 519 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4226
Office Phone: (979) 845-2656
Other Title: Associate Director Center For Communicty Education
Primary Emphasis Area: K-12 Administration
Short Bio
Dr. Stark is completing 32 years as a faculty member in the Educational Administration Human Development Department. For 26 years He has directed The San Antonio Off Campus Graduate Program which has completed over 100 successful doctoral graduates in Education Administration. He continues to play an active role in the ongoing Community Education in S.A.
Area(s) of Emphasis
Public School Administration
Research Interests
Stress and Coping Mechanisms for Male and Female Superintendents
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Stark, S. (2004). Celebrating heroes: A tribute to Dr. Everette E. Nance (1933-2001). Community Education Journal, 27(1/2), 29-31.

2. Petrisky, I. & Stark, S. (2004). Linking school community relations to community education. Journal of School Public Relations, 25(3), 255-263.

3. Canales, P. & Stark, S. (2004). Professional development models: Impact on school leadership competencies as identified by superintendents in Education Service Center Region 20, Texas. Education Leadership Review, 5(2), 37-45.

4. Petrisky, I., & Stark, S. (2003). School-community relations: A vital link to community education. Journal of School Public Relations. *

5. Skrobarcek, S. & Stark, S.L. (2002). Career Paths Identified by Female Superintendents. Texas Education Leadership Review, 3, 8-16. *

6. Throm, C. & Stark, S.L., Computers as instructional tools: Impacting academic achievement, Insight (TASA-TASB Journal), Winter 1999, pp. 19-22. Diss

* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Christopher Throm (Summer, 1998), Ph.D.
Karen Thormalen (Summer, 1998), Ph.D.
Jo Ann Ponce (Summer, 1998), Ph.D.
Jacqueline Valadez (Summer, 1998), Ph.D.
Michelle Garrett (Summer, 1998), Ph.D.
Mary McLaughlin (Fall, 1998), Ph.D.
Laura Yzaguirre (Fall, 1998), Ph.D.
Walter tillman (Summer, 1999), Ph.D.
Michael Howell (Summer, 1999), Ph.D.
Robert Otey (Summer, 1999), Ph.D.
Gloria Rodman (Spring, 2000), Ph.D.
David O'Neill (Summer, 2000), Ph.D.
Ismael Sosa (Summer, 2000), Ph.D.
Harry Edwards (Fall, 2000), Ph.D.
George Preston Willey (Fall, 2000), Ed.D.
Anne Kiehle (Fall, 2000), Ph.D.
Debra Perrett (Spring, 2001), Ph.D.
Irene Garza (Spring, 2001), Ph.D.
Joan Duncan (Spring, 2001), Ph.D.
Jose Ramos (Spring, 2001), Ph.D.
Richard Alvardo (Summer, 2001), Ph.D.
Ruben Whitney (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Terry W. Smith (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Raul Alvarez Reyna (Fall, 2001), Ph.D.
Raye Adkins (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Gary Jay Long (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Marilyn Lee Sorensen (Spring, 2002), Ph.D.
Gloria Hernandez Davila (Summer, 2002), Ed.D.
Douglas Killian (Summer, 2002), Ph.D.
Priscilla Canales (Spring, 2003), Ph.D.
Herman Oliver King (Spring, 2003), PhD
Steven Ebell (Spring, 2003), EdD
Kathy Rene Stewart (Fall, 2003), phd
Lawrence Gregorash (Spring, 2004), phd
Karl Brown (Summer, 2004), Ed.D.
Cordell Jones (Summer, 2004), Ed.D.
Brenda Patrick (Summer, 2004), Ed.D.
Irene Tello Petrisky (Summer, 2004), Ph.D.
Robert Brundrett (Fall, 2004), Ph.D.
Antonia Sciialdo (Fall, 2004), Ph.D.
Richard Smith (Spring, 2005), phd
Scott Morgan (Summer, 2005), edd
John Harnsberry (Summer, 2005), edd
Juanita Garcia (Summer, 2005), Ph.D.
Hilaria Bauer (Fall, 2005), phd
Katherine White (Fall, 2005), phd
David Faltys (Spring, 2006), edd
Edmond Kelley (Summer, 2006), Ph.D.
Mary Longloy (Fall, 2006), phd
James Todd (Fall, 2006), edd
twain tharp (Spring, 2007), phd
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