Assistant Director, Office of the Dean
Secondary Dept CEHD Research and Developement
Office#: 206 HEATON
Mail Stop: 4241
Office Phone: (979) 845-5351
Primary Emphasis Area: Staff (DEAN)
Web Site:
Office Hours
Monday     8:00-4:30
Tuesday     8:00-5:00
Wednesday     8:00-4:30
Thursday     8:00-5:00
Friday     8:00-4:30
Short Bio
Windy Hollis Turner is the Assistant Director of the Research Office in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at Texas A&M University (TAMU). She works under the direction of Dr. Susan Bloomfield, Associate Dean for Research. She started her career with TAMU in 1989 and has been employed by CEHD since 1991 with the majority of that time being spent in her current position in the Dean's Office. She brings to her position a breadth of knowledge in external funding; from proposal preparation to account management and all areas in between. In her current role she is a resource to faculty and staff in the following areas:

>Research, Grants, Contracts (this includes serving as liaison with TAMUS Sponsored Research Services and various other TAMU offices)
>CEHD Internal Funding Opportunities (Undergraduate Student Research Initiative and Transforming Live Research Grant)
>Center Evaluations and Establishing New Centers
>CEHD Council of Principal Investigators
>Research Office Webpage on myCEHD
>Contract Administration (agreements, i.e., service, internship, practicum)
>Questions or Corrections to Research Database
>External Funding Reports and Guidelines

>2015 Climate Award
>Outstanding Staff Award, 2011 Dean's Development Council Awards
>2004 President's Meritorious Service Award
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