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Curriculum Vitae
Brian P. McCullough (Ph.D., Texas A&M University) is an Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Sport Management Research and Education at Texas A&M University. His research focus is on sport and the natural environment. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has co-edited two books (Routledge Handbook of Sport and Sustainable Development; Routledge Handbook of Sport and the Environment). He contributed to the formation of the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework, which promotes environmental sustainability within the global sport sector.

Ph.D., Kinesiology (Sport Management), Texas A&M University (2011)
M.S., Sport Management, Texas A&M University (2007)
B.S., Sport Management, Ithaca College (2005)
KINE491. Research
SPMT272. Sport Marketing Issues
SPMT366. Sport Facility and Event Management
2021C, 2022A, 2022C
SPMT610. Managing Sport Organizations
2020C, 2021B, 2021C, 2022B, 2022C
SPMT613. Diversity and Ethics in Sport
SPMT685. Directed Studies
SPMT690. Theory of Research in Sport Management
SPMT691. Research
Highlighed Publications
McCullough, B. P. (in press). Advancing sport ecology research on sport and the natural environment. Sport Management Review.
McCullough, B. P., Jakar, G., & Kellison, T. (2023). Distance decay and public transportation usage among select professional Seattle sport fans. Tourism Geographies. 25(4), 1149-1165.
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McCullough, B. P., Pfahl, M., & Nguyen, S. (2016). The green waves of environmental sustainability in sport. Sport in Society, 19(7), 1040–1065.
Books and Monographs
McCullough, B. P., Kellison, T. B., & Melton, E. N. (Eds.). (2022). The Routledge handbook of sport and sustainable development. London: Routledge.
McCullough, B. P., & Kellison, T. B. (Eds.). (2018). Routledge handbook of sport and the environment. London: Routledge.
Journal Articles
McCullough, B. P., Collins, A., Roberts, J., & Villalobos, S. (2023). Sport events and emissions reporting: An analysis of the Council for Responsible Sport’s standard in running events. Sustainability 15(19), 14375. [published with student]
McCullough, B. P., Hardie, A., Kellison, T., & Dixon, M. A. (2023). Environmental perspectives of external stakeholders in sport. Managing Sport and Leisure, 28(6), 670-683. [published with student]
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Martins, R., Pereira, E., Rosado, A, Marôco, J., McCullough, B. P., Mascarenhas, M. (2022). Understanding spectator sustainable transportation intentions in international sport tourism events. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 30(8), 1972-1991. [published with student]
Straw, C. M., McCullough, B. P., Segars, C., Daher, B., & Patterson, M. (2022). Reimagining sustainable community sports fields of the future: A framework for convergent science-stakeholder decision making. Circular Economy and Sustainability, 2, 1267-1277.
McCullough, B. P., & Pelcher, J. A. (2021). Instructor–student mentoring: Strengths of transformative sustainability learning and its direct application to impact industry and curricular refinement. Sustainability, 13(19), 10768. [published with student]
McCullough, B. P. & Trail, G. T. (2021). Transformative marketing: health and well-being of Special Olympic athletes. International Journal for Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 22(3), 477-492.
Pelcher, J. A., McCullough, B. P., & Trendafilova, S. A. (2021). Collegiate athletics environmental sustainability efforts within STARS reporting. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 22(2), 328-343. [published with student]
Sartore-Baldwin, M. L. & McCullough, B. P. (2021). Examining sport fans and the endangered species nonhuman animals who represent their affiliated team mascot. Society & Animals, 29(3), 268-286.
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Other Publications and Presentations
Texas A&M Athletics. (2023). Texas A&M Athletics Sustainability Master Plan. [published with student]
United Nations Environment Programme (2022). Sports for Nature: Setting a baseline – Handbook. [Orr, M., Pippard, J., Arbieu, U., Casper, J., Kellison, T., Howell, J., Ross, W., Murfree, J., McCullough, B., & Trendafilova, S. (authors)]. Nairobi, Kenya.
McCullough, B. P., Collins, A., Bergsgard, N. A., Muhar, A., Tyrväinen, L. (2018, April 20). The Impact of Sport and Outdoor Recreation (Friluftsliv) on the Natural Environment. Mistra, 1-48. Retrieved from
UNFCCC. (2018, December). Sports for Climate Action Framework. United Nations, 1-10. Retrieved from
Research Fellow, North American Society for Sport Management, 2021
International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 2022-present.
Journal of Amateur Sport, 2016-present.
Journal of Sport Management, Editorial Board, 2023 - present
European Sport Management Quarterly (Special Issue Editor: Environmental Matters, 2022)
Director, Center for Sport Management Research and Education, Texas A&M University, 2022-present.
North American Society for Sport Management, Member at Large, 2020 - 2022
North American Society for Sport Management, Secretary, 2013 - 2017.
Coordinator, Sport Sustainability Leadership Certificate, Seattle University, 2014 – 2018.
Fellow, Center for Business Ethics, Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University, 2019 – 2020.
Fellow, Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability – Seattle University, 2015 – 2016.
Best Paper for 2014, College Sport Research Institute, 2014.
Student Organization Advisor of the Year, Bowling Green State University, AY 2013 – 2014.
Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year in Sport Management – Texas A&M University, 2010.