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Curriculum Vitae

Books and Monographs
Alexander, J., Irby, B., Etchells, M., & Rodriguez, R. (in review). Effective Steps Toward School Enhancement: Turning Around High Needs Schools.
Journal Articles
Neitzel, C., Alexander, J. M., & Johnson, K. E. (2019). The Emergence of Children’s Interest Orientations During Early Childhood: Examining the Role of Child and Environmental Factors. Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction (Special Edition: Interests as Learning), 23, 100271-10029.
Neitzel, C., Alexander, J., & Johnson, K. (2017). The influence of early interest orientations and time on kindergarteners' academic monitoring and information-seeking behavior, Journal of Early Childhood Research, 15, 389-409.
Neitzel, C., Alexander, J. M., & Johnson, K. E. (2016). Young children's interest-oriented activity and later academic self-regulation strategies in kindergarten. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 30, 474-493.
Book Chapters
Alexander, J. M., Johnson, K. E., & Neitzel, C. L. (2019). Multiple points of access for supporting interest in science. In K. A. Renninger & S. Hidi (Eds), The Cambridge Handbook on Motivation and Learning. Cambridge Press
Plummer, L., Pavalko, E., McLeod, J., & Alexander, J. (2019). Faculty Writing Groups: A tool for providing support, community, and accountability at mid-career. In A. G. Welch, D. Reardon, & J. Bolin (Eds), Mid-career faculty: Trends, barriers, and possibilities (pp. 126-142). Brill-Sense Publishing.
Alexander, J. M., Johnson, K. E., and Leibham, M. E. (2015). Emerging individual interests related to science in young children. In K. A. Renninger, M. Nieswandt, & S. Hidi (Eds), Interest in Mathematics and Science Learning (pp. 261-280). Washington, DC: American
Other Publications and Presentations
Alexander, J. M., Plummer, L., McLeod, J. (2018). Addressing gendered practices through women’s writing groups. Academe, 104 (3).
Editorial Board Member. Metacognition and Learning (2012-present)
2022-2023 Dean-in-Residence Education Research Policy Fellowship. American Educational Research Association, Washington, DC. Engage at the national level on education research policy issues representing the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the largest world-wide education research organization. Work on issues related to Congressional and Executive branch activities and lead and participate in programmatic initiatives. Coordinate a group of national deans of education in the Consortium of University and Research Institutions
2022-2023 Member, STEMM Opportunity Alliance convened by the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy focused on driving equity and excellence in the nation’s STEMM ecosystem
2022-2023 Committee Member, EHR NSF Advisory Committee (recently renamed the EDU NSF Directorate, National Science Foundation
2022-2023 Member, Friends of Institute for Education Sciences (IES), American Educational Research Association (AERA) and other nonprofits in Washington, DC. (Research Funding Advocacy Organization)
2022-2023 Member, Committee for Education Fundraising, American Educational Research Association (AERA) and other nonprofits in Washington, DC (Research Funding Advocacy Organization)