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Research Interests
addiction and recovery
college student health and wellness
community heath
interpersonal violence
physical activity and sedentary behavior
social network analysis
Megan S. Patterson, PhD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on how social connections, positions, and networks impact the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. As such, most of her research uses social network analysis (SNA) as a methodology and theoretical framework to determine the importance of social networks and social network properties relative to health and behavioral outcomes. Patterson received her BA in Psychology and MPH in Community Health from Baylor University, and earned her PhD in Health Education from Texas A&M University. Before becoming a professor at TAMU, Dr. Patterson served as the Director of Wellness at Baylor University from 2013 until 2018.
Patrice French, Ph.D. (Spring 2022)
Mandy Nicole Spadline, Ph.D. (Summer 2021)
Jordan Lindsey Nelon (Summer 2020)
Journal Articles
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