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Adaptations of the Adult Skeleton to Exercise, Disuse, and Microgravity
Bone Biology
Bone Health
Caloric Restriction Impact on Bone
Dr. Bloomfield gained her B.S. in Biology at Oberlin College (Ohio). After completing an M.A. in Physical Education at the University of Iowa and her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at The Ohio State University, Dr. Bloomfield joined the faculty in Health & Kinesiology at Texas A&M in 1993. Her research interests focus on the integrative physiology of bone, with specific reference to skeletal adaptations to disuse, microgravity, caloric deficiency, and inflammation. Dr. Bloomfield is a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine and in the National Academy of Kinesiology. Her research was funded for 20+ years by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NASA, and Department of Defense. A frequent member of NASA advisory panels, Dr. Bloomfield also served on two National Academy committees advisory to NASA for 5 years. Dr. Bloomfield served as Asst. Provost in the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies from 2012-2016 and, from 2016-2020, as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Education & Human Development, overseeing CEHD Research & Development Office staff and functions.
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, Ohio State University (1992)
M.A., Exercise Physiology, University of Iowa (1978)
B.A., Biology, Oberlin College, Ohio (1974)
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KINE485. Directed Studies
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KINE489. Special Topics In Cntrvrs In Ex Scien
KINE489. Special Topics In Cntrvrs In Education Sci
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KINE626. Exercise Clin Population
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KINE685. Directed Studies
Sarah Little, Ph.D. (Spring 2020)
Rihana Bokhari (Summer 2018)
Corinne Elizabeth Metzger (Spring 2018)
Ramon Boudreaux (Spring 2014)
Yasaman Shirazi-Fard (in Biomedical Engineering), Ph.D. (Spring 2013)
Brandon Macias (Fall 2012)
Sibyl Swift (in Nutrition), Ph.D. (Summer 2010)
Joshua Swift, Ph.D. (Spring 2010)
Kyunghwa Baek (in Nutrition) (Fall 2007)
Matthew Allen (Summer 2003)
Journal Articles
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Book Chapters
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Other Publications and Presentations
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American College of Sports Medicine Citation Award (2nd Highest Award given nationally) (2016)
Fellow, American College of Sports Management. (1997)
Orthopaedic Research Society Musculoskeletal Biology Workshop RIB (Research-in-Bone) Award (2021)
Outstanding New Faculty. TAMU. (1994)
Texas A&M Dept. of Health & Kinesiology R.B. Armstrong Research Scholar Award. (2011)
Texas Regional Chapter ACSM Service Award (2021)
Visiting Scholar Award. American College of Sports Medicine. (1993)
Associate Editor. Clinical Exercise Physiology (1998 - 2002)
Editorial Board Member. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2005 - 2012)
Associate Lead, Bone/Musculoskeletal Alterations Team, National Space Biomedical Research Institute. (2000-2012)
Board of Trustees-3 yr. Term. American College of Sports Medicine. (2000)
Councilor, Environment & Exercise Physiology Section, American Physiological Society. (2009)
Faculty Mentor. NSBRI Space Life Science Fellow program. (2011)
Fellow, National Academy of Kinesiology (2017)
President, Texas Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (2000)