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Primary Emphasis Area: Kinesiology
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Short Bio
  • Professor, Depertment of Health and Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, 8/05 to present
  • Faculty of Neuoscience, Texas A&M University, 8/07 to present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, 5/99 to 8/05
  • NIH-NIDCD Post-doctoral Fellow, Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health Sciences University, Human Posture and Postural Disorders Laboratory, 4/96-4/99
  • NIHM Pre-doctoral Fellow, Neuroscience Training Grant in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory, 8/89-12/95
Research Interests
Balance and Posture
Bimanual coordination
Multi-joint arm control
Observational learning
Rapid aiming - perception
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Shea, C.H., Buchanan, J.J., & Kennedy, D.M. (In Press). Perceptual, attentional, and neural influences on discrete and continuous bimanual coordination. Psychonomics (In Press)

2. Buchanan, J.J., Park, I., Chen, J., Mehta, R., McCulloch, A., Rhee, J., & Wright, D.L. (2018). Expert monitoring and verbal feedback as sources of performance pressure, Acta Psychologica, 186, 39-46.

3. Park, I., & Buchanan, J.J. (2018). Motor skill Learning and the Development of Visual Perception Processes Supporting Action Identification, Journal of Motor Behavior, 50, 566-578

4. Buchanan, J.J., Park, I., Chen, J., Wright D.L, & Mehta, R. (2017). Bimanual coordination patterns are stabilized under monitoring pressure, Experimental Brain Research, 235, 1909-1918.

5. Robson, N., Faller, J.F. II, Ahir, V., Ferreira, R.D.M., Buchanan, J., & Banerjee, A. (2017). Creating a Virtual Perception for Upper Limb Rehabilitation. International Journal of Biomedical and Biological Engineering, 4, 152-157

6. Buchanan, J.J. & Park, I. (2017). Observation and physical practice: Different practice contexts lead to similar outcomes for the acquisition of kinematic information. Psychological Research, 81, 83-98.

7. Wright, D.L., Verwey, W., Buchanan, J., Chen, J., Rhee, J., & Maarteen, I. (2016). Consolidating behavioral and neurophysiologic findings to explain the influence of contextual interference during motor sequence training. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23, 1-21.

8. Shea C., Buchanan, J.J., & Kennedy, D. (2016). Perception and action influences on discrete and reciprocal bimanual coordination. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23, 361-386.

9. Buchanan, J.J. (2016). The coordination dynamics of observational learning: relative motion direction and relative phase as informational content linking action-perception to action-production. In J. Laczko & M. Latash (Eds.) Progress in Motor Control: Theories and Translations (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 957) Springer, Cham Switzerland, pgs. 209-228

10. Moon, H., Robson, N., Langari, R. & Buchanan, J.J. (2015). Experimental observations on human reaching motion planning with and without reduced mobility. In W. Adams (Ed.) Robotics Research and Technology, Robot Kinematics and Motion Planning, Nova Science Publishers (ebook), ISBN: 978-1-63483-391-2

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Former Doctoral Students
Young Uk Ryu (Spring, 2007), Ph.D.
Tiffany Michelle Rodriguez (Spring, 2009), Ph.D.
Noah Dean (Fall, 2009), Ph.D.
Inchon Park (Fall, 2018), Ph.D.
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