Clinical Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Office#: 350 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (979) 845-8384
Other Title: Associate Department Head for UG Programs
Primary Emphasis Area: English as a Second Language/ Early Childhood Development
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Area(s) of Emphasis
Early Childhood Education
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Hammer, J., Rackley, R., & Viruru, R. (2017). " Using an Advantage Model to Coach and Mentor Pre-service and In-service Teachers ". In[160][160]Dom[237][237]nguez, N., Berkeley, B., Barka, N., Chrisman, T., Kelley, B., &

2. Viruru, R. & Nasser, R. (2017). Wa[48]19allah, the woman she should go direct to Paradise: perceptions of motherhood in Qatar. Global Studies of Childhood. 7(2), 148-158.

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4. Nasser, R., Al-Attiyah, A., Viruru, R. & Abuiyada, R. (2016). Women's perceived practices of mothering in a socially changing Qatari society. The Social Sciences, 11(7), 1248-1256.

5. Persky, J. & Viruru, R. (2015).Teaching in the Borderlands: stories from Texas. In V. Pacini-Ketchabaw & A. Taylor (eds). Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education. New York: Routlege.

6. Rackley, R. & Viruru, R. (2015) Technology Integration: why integrate technology? In Y. Li and J. Hammer (Eds.), Teaching at Work. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

7. Rackley, R. & Viruru, R. (2014). Teaching technology through technology. EdTechnology ideas, 1(4). www.edtechnologyideas.com

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10. Nasser, R. & Viruru, R. (2012). Tradition, authority and the doing of research: perspectives from the Middle East. In G.S. Cannella & S. Steinberg (eds). Critical Qualitative Research Reader. New York: Peter Lang

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Cinthya Saavedra (Spring, 2006), Ph.D.
Soo Young Ahn (Fall, 2008), Ph.D.
Jeeyoung Shin (Spring, 2012), Ph.D.
Scott Powers (Summer, 2014), Ed.D.
Sarah Lynne Davis (Fall, 2015), Ed.D.
Fatma Hassan (Fall, 2015), Ed.D.
Lisa Ann Ashmeade (Fall, 2016), Ed.D.
Julia Christine Persky (Fall, 2018), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2011 - 2013). Middle Grades Research Journal

Editorial Board Member (2006 - ). International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice

Editorial Board Member (2005 - ). Journal of Education


(2017). Exemplary Distance Educator Award, CEHD. 

(2016-2016). College Level Distinguished Award for Teaching.  AFS College-Level Distinguished Award for Teaching, TAMU

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