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Dr. Gregg Bennett is the former Director of the Center for Sport Management Research and Education at Texas A&M University. Dr. Bennett teaches courses in sport marketing and is a vital contributor to the sport management curriculum, teaching a wide variety of courses. Dr. Bennett received the ING Professor of Excellence award in 2010 and was named the Teacher of the Year for the College of Health and Human Performance at the University of Florida in 2002. Dr. Bennett’s research interest focus is on sport marketing, with a specific focus on effective industry practices. Dr. Bennett was named a Research Fellow by the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) in 2010 and in 2012 he was named to the Inaugural class of Research Fellows by the Sport Marketing Association. He has served on the editorial boards for Sport Marketing Quarterly and the International Journal of Sport Management. In 2002, Dr. Bennett founded the Sport Marketing Association and became the first elected President of the organization in 2011.

Ed.D., Human Performance, Auburn University (1997)
M.S., Human Performance, University of Tennessee (1993)
B.S., Education, Tennessee Tech University (1988)
Bo Yu, Ph.D. (Summer 2022)
Sarah Marie Sharrar Brown (Summer 2020)
Lane Taylor Wakefield (Summer 2016)
Joseph Arthur Pederson (Summer 2016)
Jami Lobpries (Summer 2014)
Brandon Brown (Summer 2013)
Chanho Kang (Summer 2013)
Jason Reese (Fall 2012)
Khalid Ballouli (Summer 2011)
Michael Hutchinson (Summer 2010)
Windy L. Dees (Fall 2007)
Yosuke Tsuji (Spring 2007)
Journal Articles
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Bennett, G. & Green, F. (2001). Student learning in the online environment: No significant difference? Quest, 53, 1-13.
Play the Right Way
PI. Department of State (Federal)
2010-09-01 — 2012-08-31
Data Collection at Sunshine State Games
PI. Florida Sports Foundation (State)
2008-06-01 — 2009-09-01
Fusion Arts Exchange on Sports Management
PI. Department of State (Federal)
2008-03-05 — 2008-12-31
Data Collection at Sunshine State Games
PI. Florida Sports Foundation (State)
2007-06-01 — 2007-07-01
The American Sport Brand International Exchange
Co-PI (). Department of State (Federal)
2007-05-22 — 2007-12-31
Data Collection at Sunshine State Games 2006
PI. Florida Sports Foundation (State)
2006-06-01 — 2006-06-30
Research Work
PI. Dew Action Sports (Private)
2005-06-01 — 2005-12-01
Research Work between Florida Sports Foundation and TAMU
PI. Florida Sports Foundation (State)
2005-06-01 — 2005-07-01
Professor of Excellence. ING Professor of Excellence, 2010 TAMU. (2010)
Research Poster Presentation Award. Sport Marketing Association. (2005)
Teacher of the Year, College of Health. University of Florida. (2002)
Chair. Sport Marketing Association Conference Committee. (2011)
Conference Committtee Chair. Sport Marketing Association. (2005)
Founder, Sport Marketing Association (2002)
President Elect. Sport Marketing Association. (2012)
Teacher of the year. HLKN Sports Management Division. (2015)