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Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan received her doctorate in Special Education from Illinois State University in 1994. She is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development and Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University. Dr. Webb-Hasan teaches graduate courses in culturally responsive leadership, urban school administration, instructional leadership development, and home, school and community partnerships. Her undergraduate teaching experience is in the area of multicultural education. Dr. Webb-Hasan's research is focused on (a) culturally responsive leadership, pedagogy, and teacher development, (b) the disproportionate representation of African American learners in Special Education, (c) culturally responsive family and community engagement, and (d) the exploration of academic achievement and sociopolitical contexts impacting African American girls. She has written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and has keynoted at several national and state professional conferences. She is currently the chair of 14 doctoral committees, while serving on 46 doctoral committees. Eight doctoral students, with her serving as chair, have graduated in the last two years. She has received teaching awards from Texas A&M University and The University of Texas.

Ed.D., Special Education, Illinois State University (1994)
M.A., Behavior Disorders, Northeastern Illinois University (1984)
B.A., Theatre, Knox College (1975)
EDAD618. Edad In Crss Cult Envi
EDAD624. Administration Spec Popul Programs
EDAD684. Internship
EDAD684. Internship: In Absentia
EDAD685. Directed Studies - In-absentia
EDAD685. Directed Studies
EDAD687. Prin Professional Prac In Education
EDAD692. Professional Stdy- In-absentia
EDAD692. Professional Study
EDCI602. Cultural Foundations Of Educ
EDCI644. Curriculum Development
EDCI673. Anlys Of Teaching Behavr
EHRD289. Special Topics In Race Dialg In Educ
EHRD651. Mdls Epist And Inqy Ehrd
INST322. Educ Multicultural
Jennifer Beth Stumbaugh, Ed.D. (Summer 2022)
Anastasia Beverly Lindo Anderson (Spring 2019)
Andrea Denee Cain (Fall 2018)
Elias Alonzo III (Fall 2017)
Sonia Marie Marrero (Fall 2017)
Annetra Patrece Piper (Fall 2016)
Reyes Isaac Rodriguez (Summer 2016)
Stephanie Evans Fletcher (Fall 2015)
Angela Abney (Fall 2014)
Kimberly Rhodes-Monette (Fall 2014)
Altricia Larke (Spring 2014)
Edrick Moultry (Spring 2014)
Keri Shannon (Spring 2014)
Marcus Jones (Spring 2014)
Susana Garza (Spring 2014)
Maria De Lourdes Viloria (Fall 2013)
Monica Green (Spring 2013)
Shirley Ann Rose (Spring 2013)
Catherine Ryan (Summer 2012)
Ostrova McGary (Spring 2012)
Robert Long (Spring 2012)
Janet Willis (Fall 2011)
Cheryl Turner Henry (Spring 2011)
Wanda L. Baker (Spring 2011)
Dustun Rae Alexander (Summer 2009)
Patrick Jay Valdez (Spring 2009)
Jeroladette Centilli (Fall 2008)
Guadalupe Gorordo (Spring 2008)
Maria Sanchez (Spring 2008)
Luisa Naumann (Spring 2008)
Books and Monographs
Webb-Johnson, G. C., Rochon, R., & Briscoe, M. L. (in press). Affirming all children and youth: The oral tradition as an integral part of classroom interactions. College Station, TX: Joy Publications.
Journal Articles
Blake, J.J., Gregory, A., James, M.C., & Webb-Hasan, G. (2016). Early Warning Signs: Identifying Opportunities to Disrupt Racial Inequities in School Discipline Through Data-Based Decision Making. School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice, 10(3), 289-306.
Webb-Hasan, G. C., & Larke, P. J. (2016). Talking with attitude: Accessing the voices of African American girls. Journal of Negro Education
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Webb-Hasan, G. C., & Larke, P. J. (2013, Winter). The power of our expectations: What we perceive and believe about African American learners. The Journal of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, 3(1), 1-2
Larke, P.J., Webb-Hasan, G., Jimarez, T.& Li, Y. (In press). Cultivating Hispanic and African American females in reading, mathematics and science (CHARMS) for STEM at the elementary school level: One conference approach. Women in Leadership
Webb-Hasan, G. C., & Larke, P. J. (2012). We are looking for real, righteous educators: Turning the ships around. The Journal of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, 2(1), 1-2. Published in a high-impact practitioner journal OR an invited journal article
Natesan, P., Webb-Hasan, G. C., Carter, N. P., & Roberts-Walter, P. (2011). Validity of the cultural awareness and beliefs inventory of urban teachers: A parallel mixed methods study. The International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 5(2), 1-17
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Book Chapters
Webb-Hasan, G. C., Carter Jones, V., Moon, C. Y. (2018). Teaching African American and Latinx learners: Moving beyond a status quo punitive disciplinary context to considerations for equitable pedagogy in teacher education. In N. P. Carter & M.V. Vavrus (Eds.). Intersectionaliys of race, class, and gender with teaching and teacher education: Movement toward equity in education, (pp. 70-85). Boston, MA: Brill Publishing.
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Other Publications and Presentations
Webb-Johnson, G. C. (2007). Sankofa: Reclaiming community. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History - Black History Bulletin.
Webb-Johnson, G.C. & Rochon, R. (2005). We present you with this gift: Don't leave our children behind. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Brief, 26(16). 5,7.
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Catapult Round 4 - Addressing Critical Junctures in Teaching and Teacher Education: The USTAR+1 Program ($30,000)
Co-PI (). TAMU College of Education & Human Development (State)
2018-01-15 — 2019-06-15
Project Nurture, Interact, Advocate (NIA): Mothers Engaging in The Education of Their Children - Category 2
PI. Department of Justice (Federal)
2018-01-01 — 2020-12-31
Accelerated Preparation of Leaders for Underserved Schools (A-PLUS): Building Instructional Capacity to Impact Diverse Learners
Co-I (). US Department of Education (Federal)
2017-09-01 — 2020-08-31
Project SAAVE
Co-PI (). National Science Foundation (Federal)
2016-09-01 — 2018-08-31
Educating in an Urban Setting
Co-PI (). Springs ISD (State)
2016-08-01 — 2016-08-31
Professional Development Services for Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan (HISD)
Co-PI (). Houston ISD (State)
2016-08-01 — 2017-09-30
Professional Development for Educators of Urban Students
Co-PI (). Springs ISD (State)
2016-06-14 — 2016-06-16
Improving Educational and Social Opportunities with School-Community Partnerships: An Experimental and Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Houston's Arts Access Initiative
Co-PI (). Spencer Foundation (Private)
2016-04-01 — 2019-01-31
Teacher Education Transformation & Research Vision: 4 Cs ($26,200)
Co-PI (). TAMU College of Education & Human Development - TLAC (State)
2015-06-01 — 2016-12-31
Professional Development on Urban Students Initial Training
Co-I (). Springs ISD (State)
2014-08-01 — 2014-09-30
CHARMS for STEM : Cultivating Hispanics and African Americans Reading, Math, Science in(CHARMS) in Elementary Schools for STEM
Co-PI (). National Science Foundation (Federal)
2013-09-01 — 2016-08-31
Professional Development with East Greenwich Public Schools
PI. East Greenwich Public Schools (State)
2013-09-01 — 2015-08-31
Achievement - Promoting Learning in Urban Settings (A-PLUS): A Culturally Responsive Social and Behavioral Context in Academic Learning
PI (). US Department of Education (Federal)
2012-07-01 — 2015-06-30
Development of a Culturally Responsive Leadership Model: Countering the 'Receivement Gap' Among African American and Latina/o American Students
PI. TAMU Office of the Vice President for Research (State)
2012-01-01 — 2012-08-31
Cultivating Hispanics and African Americans' Reading, Math, Science (CHARMS) in Elementary Schools for Girls Conference
Co-PI (). National Science Foundation (Federal)
2011-01-01 — 2014-08-31
Promoting Academic Achievement in Urban Settings: The Social and Behavioral Context in Academic Learning
Co-PI (). US Department of Education (Federal)
2010-07-01 — 2014-06-30
Cultural Responsive Understanding in Safety Education: Project CRUISE
Co-PI (). Texas Department of Transportation (State)
2009-10-01 — 2012-09-30
Principals Acces Collaborative (PAC)
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2009-06-01 — 2012-05-31
Cultural Responsive Understanding in Safety Education: Project CRUISE
Co-PI (). Texas Department of Transportation (State)
2008-10-01 — 2011-09-30
IES Educational Leadership Professional Development Model ($5,000)
PI. TAMU - CEHD - CPI (State)
2008-06-01 — 2010-05-31
Project CAST: Care for Academic Success with Middle School Teachers and Their Students with Disabilities
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2007-07-01 — 2011-06-30
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2007-03-01 — 2011-02-28
Appropriation of Curriculum and Culture for the Educational Success of all Students (ACCESS)
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2006-10-01 — 2011-09-30
Project CREATE: Culturally Responsive Education and Teacher Empowerment
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2006-09-01 — 2010-08-31
Project CREATE: Culturally Responsive Education And Teacher Empowerment
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2005-09-01 — 2009-08-31
Project R Elite: Researcher as Empowered Leaders in Innovation and Transformative Education
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2005-09-01 — 2009-08-31
Project SANKOFA: Securing and Affirming the Necessary Knowledge and Opportunities for Facilitiating Adolescent Academic & Social Skill Acheivement
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2005-08-01 — 2008-07-31
Project Voices of Wisdom (VOW)
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2005-08-01 — 2008-07-31
Voices of Wisdom
PI. University of South Florida (State)
2005-01-01 — 2005-12-31
2017 Service Achievement Award. 2017 Service Achievement Award- EAHR, Outstanding Service Award, TAMU, Spring 2017. (2017)
Bush Excellence Award. Faculty in Public Service. (2008)
Department Climate Committee. Chair. (2013)
Extraordinary Service Award for CEHD, TAMU (2019)
George Bush Excellence Award. Faculty in Public Service, Texas A&M University. (2008)
Junteenth Celebration 2003 Recipent. Al Edwards. (2003)
Professor of the Month. The University of Texas at Austin. (2002)
Un-Sung Hero Award. Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Austin, Texas. (2003)
Associate Editor. Educational Administration Quarterly (2011)
Consulting Editor. Intervention in School and Clinic (2000)
Editorial Board Member. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership (2014)
Co-Editor. Journal of the Alliance of Black School Educators (2006)
Editorial Board Member. Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners (2009)
Chair. Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympiad (ACT-SO) of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).. (2011)
Chair. Master's Review Committee, EAHR. (2011)
Co-Chair. University Roadmap Committee for Community Engagement. (2009)
LASER Research Fellow. Linking Academic Scholar and Educational Research, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, Fall 2002. (2002)
LASER Senior Research Fellow. Linking Academic Scholar and Educational Research, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, Spring 2005. (2005)
Member. Networking & Dissemination Core Team of National Institute for Urban School Improvement. (2004)
Member of Executive Board for Texas. National Association of Multicultural Education. (2003)
Member. State Board of Certification, TexEs Special Education Item Review. (2000)
Past President. Texas Chapter of the National Association of Multicultural Education. (2008)
Plenary Representative. University Council for Educational Administrators. (2008)
President. African American Professional Organization, Texas A&M University. (2009)
President, Brazos Valley African American Museum (2019)
The Education Leadership Research Center. Associate Director. (2013)