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Post-Doc Molecular Genetics, University of Pittsburgh (2003)
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, University of Pittsburgh (2000)
M.P.H., Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh (2001)
B.A., Chemistry, Miami University (1991)
HLTH485. Directed Studies
HLTH485. Directed Studies-honors
KINE433. Physiology Of Exercise
KINE485. Directed Studies-honors
Karen Beathard, Ph.D. (Summer 2021)
Erin Simmons, Ph.D. (Spring 2018)
Chun Wen Chen, Ph.D. (Summer 2017)
Chang Woock Lee, Ph.D. (Spring 2016)
Teak Veng Lee, Ph.D. (Fall 2015)
Steve Bui, Ph.D. (Fall 2015)
Heath Gasier, Ph.D. (Spring 2009)
Journal Articles
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Book Chapters
Riechman SE, TV Lee, VCW Chen, CW Lee, S Bui. Whole egg as an athletes training and performance superfood in Handbook of eggs in human function. ISBN 9789086868049. March, 2015.
Integrated Fatigue Analysis and Prediction using Breath Analysis and Wearable SensorsTitle
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Quinoa For Healthy Gut
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2005-11-01 — 2007-10-31
College of Engineering Genesis Award (2023)
Fellow Awarded. American College of Sports Medicine. (2010)
John J.Koldus Award. TAMU. (2010)
Pollock Award. Vincent Chen. (2010)
Research Career Enhancement Award. American Physiological Society. (2007)
National Science Foundation I-CORPS Regional program selection (2017)