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Research Interests
Reading Acquisition and Development
Reading Assessment and Correction
Reading Comprehension Development and Text Processing
Reading in Science and Mathematics
Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture, College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), Texas A&M University. Dr. Rupley received the 2013 A. B. Herr award presented for distinguished service and contributions in reading presented by Association of Literary Educators and Researchers. He is the recipient of the CEHD Instructional Research Laboratory Research Achievement Award and was appointed a Regents Scholar in 2001. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Reading Psychology: An International Journal and coauthor of Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading (10th ed., Merrill Publishing Co.) which is one of the top 10 textbooks on reading instruction used at both graduate and undergraduate levels. William H. Rupley's primary areas of expertise are reading acquisition, reading comprehension, reading in science and mathematics, and teacher effectiveness. He has developed and implemented programs using technology to teach effectively and assess students' reading capabilities, as well as conducting research in the areas of reading comprehension and effective teaching. He has published more than 125 articles and columns in research journals that include Reading Research and Instruction, Peabody Journal of Education, Journal of Research in Education, Scientific Studies in Reading, Reading and Writing, The Reading Teacher, Journal of Literacy Research and Instruction, The Reading Teacher, and Reading and Writing Quarterly. His research has focused on instructional development to increase teachers' effectiveness in teaching reading development, and reading comprehension in diverse disciplines including social studies, science, probabilistic thinking and climate forecasting. He has been either the PI or Co-PI for over $3 million in federal and state professional development and teacher training grants including: Enhancing the Quality of Expository Text Instruction and Comprehension Through Content and Case Situated Professional Development (Institute of Education Sciences, $1,500,000); Development of Climate Forecasts Decision Making: Teaching Materials for Middle School Teachers and Students (National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, $237,000); and Bridges to Literacy (Verizon Foundation, $229,874).

Ph.D., University of Illinois (1975)
M.S., St. Francis college (1970)
B.S., Indiana University (1968)
EDCI684. Professional Internship
EDCI685. Directed Studies
RDNG301. Rdng Acquisition In Early Childhood Education
RDNG674. Devel Rdng Elem Grade
Mohammed R A A Jouhar, Ph.D. (Fall 2020)
Leily Ziglarli, Ph.D. (Spring 2020)
Carol Kelly Cordray (Fall 2019)
Ricardo Lumbresas, Jr. (Spring 2016)
Beth C. Brabham (Spring 2016)
Daphne Carr Henderson (Spring 2016)
Catherine T. Ritz (Fall 2015)
Debra Phillips (Fall 2014)
Matthew Keil (Spring 2014)
Angela Hairrell (Summer 2008)
Sandra Mergen (Summer 2000)
Luana Zellner (Fall 1998)
Books and Monographs
Rupley, W., Rasinski, T., & Blachowicz, C. (2022). Vocabulary. In D. P. Thomas & A. Thomas (Eds.), Teaching and learning primary English (pp. 110 - 127). Oxford University Press.

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Journal Articles
J.A. Nichols, W.D. Nichols, & W.H. Rupley. (2020). Teacher efficacy and attributes on the implementation of tiered instructional frameworks. Int. J. Eval. & Res. Educ. Vol 9, (3), 731-742.

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Other Publications and Presentations
Rasinski, T. V., Rupley, W. H., & Paige, D. D. (2015, November/December). Beyond the new norm: The benefits of reading more than informational texts. Literacy Today, 33(3).
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Catapult #5
2018-11-01 — 2020-05-01
Adaptive Reading Instruction for Success in Early Elementary Reading (ARISE): A Professional Development Project
PI. US Department of Education (Federal)
2018-09-01 — 2021-08-31
Catapult Round 2 - Follow-up Snook ISD as a CEHD Lab School Project Mission (Funded amount $30,345)
Co-PI (). TAMU College of Education & Human Development (State)
2016-05-01 — 2017-05-31
Catapult Round 1 - Exploration of Snook ISD as a CEHD Lab School Project (Funded amount $11,911)
Co-PI (). TAMU College of Education & Human Development (State)
2016-02-01 — 2016-12-31
Investigating the Impact of Interactive Graphical Elements and Text on Reading Comprehension as Students[8217] Transition from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn in Science
Co-PI (). National Science Foundation (Federal)
2013-09-01 — 2015-08-31
Development of the Assessment of Teachers' Reading Instructional Plans (ATRIP): An Assessment of Teachers' Knowledge of Early Reading Instruction
PI. Utah State University (State)
2012-07-01 — 2016-06-30
Teacher Quality Research
Co-PI (). University of Texas at Austin (State)
2009-03-01 — 2013-02-28
NCER-MS G2: Project DIPS: Designing Instructional Practices in Science through Purposive Sequencing of Hands on Activities and Using Textbooks and Informational Text (DIPS)
Co-PI (). US Department of Education (Federal)
2008-09-01 — 2011-08-31
Increasing Reading Comprehension for College-level Students: Teaching Strategies and Practices for Entry Level Courses
PI. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (State)
2008-03-01 — 2010-02-28
Enhancing the Quality of Expository Text Instruction and Comprehension Through Content and Case-Situated Professional Development
Co-PI (). US Department of Education (Federal)
2005-09-01 — 2009-08-31
Development of Climate Forecasts Decision Making Teaching Materials for Junior High School Teachers and Students
Co-PI. Office of Global Programs: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Federal)
2003-01-01 — 2004-12-31
Fellows Integrate Science/Math in Rural Middle Schools
Co-PI (). National Science Foundation (Federal)
2003-01-01 — 2005-12-31
Brighter Horizons in Early Literacy
PI. Verizon (Private)
2002-01-01 — 2004-12-31
Reading Curriculum and Reading Instructional Programs
PI. Calvert ISD (Local)
2001-09-01 — 2002-08-31
Reading Assessments
PI. Somerville ISD (Local)
2000-09-01 — 2001-08-31
Reading Assessments
PI. College Station ISD (Local)
2000-09-01 — 2001-08-31
Texas Reading Academies: Linking Together Two Rural Schools to Implement Best Practices in Teaching Reading in the Elementary Grades
PI. Texas Education Agency/Somerville ISD (State)
1999-09-01 — 2000-08-31
Climate and Diversity Leadership Award. TLA Dept, May 2018. (2018)
Distinguished Research Fellow. CEHD Awarded. (2012)
Regents Scholar, Initiative for excellence in Educ (2014)
TAMU Regents Initiative for Excellence. Education's Academy for Educator Development. (2001)
Editorial Board Member. Cogent Education (2014 - 2017)
Editorial Board Member. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (2014 - 2016)
Editorial Board Member. Journal of Literacy Research (2009)
Editorial Board Member. Journal of Reading Education (2006)
Editorial Board Member. Literacy Research and Instruction (2004)
Editorial Board Member. Reading and Writing Quarterly (2005)
Co-Editor. Reading Psychology (1986 - 1989)
Editor. Reading Psychology (2010)
Editorial Board Member. Reading Research and Instruction (2000 - 2000)
Editorial Board Member. Scientific Studies of Reading (1999 - 2002)
Editorial Board Member. The Reading Teacher (2005 - 2006)
Chairman. TLAC Committee to Revise Merit Evaluation System (2011-2012). (2011)
Co-Chair. College Level Council of Principal Investigators. (2009)
Member Of the External Reviewers. Reno-Tahoe Meeting of the International Reading Assocation. (2004)
Member Review Panal. Research Sessions of the Annual Conference of the International Reading Association. (2004)
Member Review Panal. Research Sessions of the Annual Conference of the International Reading Association. (2004)
Member. Texas Education Agency Office of Statewide Inititiatives. (2003)