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Assistant Professor

Highlighed Publications
Chang, W.-h, Lo Y., Mazzotti, V. L., Rowe, D. A., & Hung, P. (2022). Perceptions of parents of youth with disabilities toward school-based parent engagement. Journal of Family Studies. 1-18.
Chang, W.-h., Mazzotti, V. L., Lo, Y.-y., & Test, D. W., Kwiatek, S. M. (In press). Effects of asynchronous parent training on transition knowledge of youth with disabilities. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals for publication.
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Hitt, S. B., Kwiatek, S. M., Voggt., A., Chang, W.-h., & Gadd, S. R., & Test, D. W. (2020). Are online sources for identifying evidence-based practices useful. The Journal of Special Education.
Books and Monographs
Lo, Y.-y., Lo, L., Kourea, L., & Chang, W.-h. (2021). How to meet the need of students related to cultural and linguistic diversity. Collins, B. C. (Ed.), No one ever told me I would have to teach like that! Guidelines for special education teachers working with remote students. Book chapter in preparation.
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