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Short Bio
Dr. Elizabeth Roumell received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Wyoming in 2009. Dr. Roumell joined the Education Administration and Human Resource Development department at Texas A&M as an Assistant Professor in 2016. Dr. Roumell teaches graduate courses in adult education and human resource development. Dr. Roumell's research focuses on adult learning and identity development, supervising and mentoring graduate research, and education policy analysis. She has written 15 peer-reviewed journal articles, 7 book chapters, and was a Co-PI on a $1.3 million dollar grant as a state-level evaluator from 2011-2016. Dr. Roumell received the 2013 Early Career Award from the national Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, and the 2017 Early Career Award from NRMERA, a regional division of AERA.
Research Interests
Adult and Workforce Education Policy
Adult Identity Development
Adult Learning
International and Comparative Education
Online and Distance Learning
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Roumell, E. A., Todoran, C.*, & Khodakarami, N.* (2018). A conceptual framework for structuring and building community/organization capacity for implementing evidence-based initiatives. In L. Hill (Ed.) Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability in Adult Education. Sterling, VA: Stylus. *

2. Roumell, E. A., Salajan, F. D., & Todoran, C.* (2018, online first). A survey of U.S. education policy regarding the education of adults. Educational Policy.

3. Roumell, E. A. (2018). Experience and community grassroots education: Social learning at Standing Rock. In A. Mandell, & X. Coulter (Eds.) New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Adult Educators on Dewey[48]19s Experience and Education, 158, pp. 47[48]1356. Jossey-Bass.

4. Roumell, E. A. (2018, online first). Priming adult learners for learning transfer: Beyond content and delivery. Adult Learning.

5. Roumell, E. A. (2017). Building community programming capacity. In A. B. Knox, S. C. O. Conceicao, & L. M. Martin (Eds.) International compendium of adult & continuing education: Leadership and administration (Vol. 3) (pp. 437-440) Sterling, VA: Stylus.

6. Roumell, E. A., & Bolliger, D. U. (2017). Experiences of faculty with doctoral student supervision in programs delivered via distance. Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 65(2), 82-93. doi:10.1080/07377363.2017.1320179

7. Sun, Q., & Roumell, E. A. (2017). Interrupting the mindset of educational neocolonialism: Critical deliberations from East and West international adult educators. Asia Pacific Education Review, 18(2), 177-187. doi:10.1007/s12564-017-9482-9

8. Roumell, E. A., & Salajan, F. D. (2016). The evolution of US e-Learning policy: A content analysis of the National Education Technology Plans. Educational Policy, 30(2), 365-397. doi:10.1177/0895904814550070

9. Salajan, F. D., & Roumell, E. A. (2016). Two decades of e-Learning policy evolution at European Union level: Motivations, institutions and instruments. European Journal of Education. doi:10.1111/ejed.12144/

10. Kirwan, J. R., & Roumell, E. A. (2015). Building a framework for online educator dispositions. Journal of Educators Online, 12(1), 30–61

* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Felix Wallace Arnold III (Summer, 2019), Ph.D.

(2019). 2019 Early Career Research Excellence Award Dept E.  2019 Early Career Research Excellence Award

(2017-2017). 2017 Early Career Award, Northern Rocky Mountain.  2017 Early Career Award, Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association (NRMERA, regional affiliate of AERA)

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