Health and Kinesiology
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  T* Name E-mail Title Dept
1 S ALLAWAY, HEATHER  Research Associate HLKN 
2 S BILLINGS, CHANDELL  Senior Administrative Coordinator I HLKN 
3 S COADY, MARY HELEN  Business Administrator II HLKN 
4 S COLEY, KAITLIN  Customer Service Associate II HLKN 
5 S DUNLAP, DONNA  Business Administrator I HLKN 
6 S EDWARDS, KARA  Administrative Coordinator I HLKN 
7 S FADAL, TYLER  Academic Advisor II HLKN 
8 S FARMER, JENNIFER  Program Manager HLKN 
9 S GADEN-WRIGHT, BRITTA  Executive Assistant I HLKN 
10 S GANTT, BOB  Program Coordinator I HLKN 
11 S GARCIA, KRISTEN  Research Associate HLKN 
12 S GRAHAM, DIANE  Associate Director HLKN 
13 S HOFFMANN, CARMEN  Academic Advisor II HLKN 
14 S HUBBLE, SYLVIA  Senior Administrative Coordinator I HLKN 
15 S JONES, KAYLA  Administrative Coordinator I HLKN 
16 S NASH, AMANDA  Administrative Associate V HLKN 
17 S PADGETT, JESSICA  Business Coordinator I HLKN 
18 S RANDOLPH, KATHLEEN  Research Specialist III HLKN 
20 S ROCHE, KATHLEEN  Administrative Coordinator II HLKN 
21 S RUEBUSH, LAURA  Research Specialist HLKN 
22 S SHIPPEY, KATY  Administrative Associate IV HLKN 
23 S SIMBO, SUNDAY  Postdoc Research Associate HLKN 
24 S SINGH, SAURABH  Associate Director HLKN 
25 S THADEN, JOHN  Research Scientist HLKN 
26 S THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER  Facilities Coordinator II HLKN 
27 S YEH, YU-LYU  Research Associate HLKN