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Staff Directory

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  T* Name E-mail Title Dept
1 S ALDERETE, ROBIN  Administrative Coordinator I TLAC 
2 S ALEJOS, MARISOL  Research Associate TLAC 
3 S AUZENNE-CURL, CHESTIN  Postdoctoral Research Associate TLAC 
4 S BANERJEE, MANJARI  Program Coordinator II TLAC 
5 S BEERWINKLE, ANDREA  Associate Research Scientist TLAC 
6 S BOND, KARA  Academic Advisor III TLAC 
7 S CARDENAS, GEORGINA  Research Specialist I TLAC 
8 S CHANG, JONAS  Editorial Assistant TLAC 
9 S CURTIS, GAYLE  Postdoctorate Research Associate TLAC 
10 S GREEN, KARA  Administrative Coordinator II TLAC 
11 S GUNASEKARA, NOELINE  Program Coordinator TLAC 
12 S HUNDL, JOANNA  Program Assistant TLAC 
13 S KEESE, JEFFREY  Senior Research Associate TLAC 
14 S LINDER, STEPHANIE  Manager, Read and Counts Program TLAC 
15 S LOUDERBACK, TONI  Research Specialist I TLAC 
16 S MASCORRO, VANESSA  Research Associate TLAC 
17 S MCLAUGHLIN, AMY  Instructional Designer II TLAC 
18 S NOROUZIAN, REZA  Postdoctoral Research Associate TLAC 
19 S OAKLEY, SARAH  Communications Specialist I TLAC 
20 S OLINGER, ASHLEY  Research Specialist I TLAC 
21 S PARISH, KIMBERLY  Associate Director, Clinical Teaching Program TLAC 
22 S PARRA, MARIA  Research Specialist I TLAC 
23 S PRESLEY, CHRISTINA  Academic Advisor II TLAC 
24 S RANKIN, JANE  Assistant Director, Accelerate Online Program TLAC 
25 S REYNOLDS, TAMMY  Executive Assistant II TLAC 
26 S RIOS, AMBYR  Associate Director TLAC 
27 S RODRIGUEZ, SARA  Research Assistant TLAC 
28 S ROLLINS, KAYLA  Assistant Research Scientist TLAC 
29 S RONSONET, MARY  Administrative Coordinator II TLAC 
30 S SHURMATZ, KATHRYN  Research Associate TLAC 
31 S SLAYDON, TARA  Program Coordinator I TLAC 
32 S WANDIX-WHITE, DIANA  Post Doc Research Associate TLAC 
33 S WELDER, RACHAEL  Postdoctoral Research Associate TLAC 
35 S WRIGHT, KIMBERLY  Assistant Research Scientist TLAC